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When Steven finished his memoir How To Tie A Tie and began blogging again, he quickly discovered he needed a broader base upon which to build his second book of creative nonfiction. It was then he recalled the impact Philip Yancey’s book had made on him.

At Soul Teachers, we believe a tolerant community allows space for transformation.  We believe everyone creates a quilt of stories to help them survive life.  We believe the best learning occurs through storytelling conversations.

Thus, in the team’s podcasts and Steven’s blogs, we seek the sacred within stories.  We attempt to engage our listeners in transformative conversations that increase tolerance and build community.  We continually seek Truth that reveals our shared humanity.

For this reason, we eschew partisan politics.  We’re not afraid to let our guests talk about politics, but we find that today most political discourse rapidly disintegrates into tribal warfare.  If you wish to chat about politics on our site, do so by telling us your story.  What life lessons led you here?

Our mission — both as a blog and as a soon-to-launch podcast — is to create an opportunity for soul teachers to share their transformative experiences.

Inspired by Philip Yancey’s Soul Survivor, Steven decided to explore in his writing stories of his own soul teachers, mentors, authors and friends who taught him his most challenging life lessons.  When co-founders Ami Wagner and Andy Callender heard about the idea, they helped build the concept into a podcast.

Our upcoming podcast will allow our team to interview people who most inspire us.  If you have an idea for a Soul Teacher, please email our Operations Manager, Ami Wagner, at AmiWagner@thesoulteachers.com.